Signs of wife having an affair

Seven Signs That Your Wife is Cheating

Cheating women have a hard time keeping their secrets to themselves. If your ears are finely tuned to picking up the signals, you can hear some tell-tale phrases or questions that should have you concerned.

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Usually, they come at the most random moments with little to no context. You usually get home 10 minutes earlier. Just so you know! This is great! No, your wife misses her new man and is going to play pretend with you. Not too fat? For betrayed men, this is a very brutal time. They were sure that these moments represented true lust and attraction from their wife towards them … when in fact it was just the opposite.

How much more space does she need?! The emotional and physical jump from you to the new man is most likely complete. She now feels comfortable enough to completely detach from you and attach to her new mate. She no longer needs the home base to return back to. She was testing things out for a while, feeling the emotions, figuring out the logistics of living on her own… and finally made the giant mental leap to the new man.

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By this stage, she has already opened a new bank account, called up the cosmetic surgeon, met with the attorney and discussed the big life move with her friends. Whatever it takes to make her the victim and justified in her actions, even if that means completely making up stories with no basis in truth, she will do it. Sometimes those stories can send a man to a police station for questioning, or worse. That may mean saying these made up stories right to your face. Let that sink in. She will make up stories about your relationship… to you.

The guy she had the relationship with. You made me take this job! I was completely shocked. It made zero sense at the time. Now it makes perfect sense. Not a tyrant? So true. Even the most mundane and innocent details of her life will not add up. Why did she lie about THAT? Just realize that all of these things are typical cheating wife behaviors. This is usually very bad news for you. From MY experience, few women set out to have an affair. Many times she will bluntly ask you to put up boundaries for her. Are you cultivating an atmosphere in the relationship that has your wife looking for more fun and excitement?

Has some life-altering event recently occurred death of a family member, job promotion, health scare, etc? Nailed it. My ex did every single one of these things. Every man should read this. Great article. Is this the sign of my wife cheating? We have 3 kids. For a year or so now she has been a bit different. Signs include. Not much but i can sense a subtle signs she a bit distant from me.

…nouthetic, Christian care after an affair.

Usually we would always kiss, when we go to work or got home from work. We would always sit close to each other or snuggle when we watch tv. Most of the time she just lay down on her back spread her leg and ask me to get it on and finish quick. And i felt that she also faking her orgasm and even her moan seems fake.

Her smartphone activity seems suspicious. On few occasions i noticed that she chat whatsapp with a guy from her workplace. So far i havent found an intimate messages between the two. But her chat history with the guy is always only a day or maybe two. And everytime she always delete her chat history with the guy. That seems strange because she never delete her text history with other person. During weekend she would just leave her phone and sometimes let me use her phone. But during weekday or atleast when she just got home from work..

A month ago, her phone was broken, i told her to repair it.

5 Signs Your Spouse Is Having An Affair!

When i ask she told me it was her friend phone. She only borrowed it until her phone is repaired. But the thing is its been a month now. Her phone is still not done. And the phone she using currently seems brandnew. Even come with a box which she hide from me. If she buy a new phone why does she have to lie to me.. Was the new phone a gift from someone?

So what do you all readers think? I have a wife who once was married. Whether shes still haunted by her past ex husband or not she takes everything out on me. She constantly cusses at me. She would literally beat me up. I think I just got myself into a abusive relationship. My wife has started working a ton of hours, But her pay has not changed. Now she says she going to start working overnight to make more money. I have tracker on her car and she says she ner leaves work during the day but I see she is lying.

Ask to take a look at her phone. See how she reacts. I would like to interject…I am a cheating wife.

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Not that it is an excuse, but my husband had sex with his best friends wife right after our first daughter was born and he was having a difficult time after being laid off from his job. I had just changed jobs and I went out looking for someone to find me attractive and desirable. I found numerous people.

You think they're cheating. But how can you know for sure?

Plus, if a woman is getting ready to leave her marriage for another man, she's having an affair, but if you know how to read between the lines. Is your wife acting a little strange? Are you worried about her fidelity? Here are eight signs that suggest your wife might have a secret lover.

I sent inappropriate pictures and met one guy and over a 2 year period had sex with him 4 times. It was fun and it was exciting while it was happening. Now, that my husband has found out…he hates me. He thinks I am pure evil and thinks that since I did this, I never loved him. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I do love him. I always have. I just got lost for awhile in wanting to be desired and be told that I was beautiful. So, you can bash a cheating wife if you want, but it does take two to make a marriage work. I am working really hard to regain my husbands trust back. I am not giving up. You both have a difficult time coping when shit hits the fan. That does NOT make you bad people. Congrats, you are like the majority of humans. You have a desire to have sex and intimacy with others and you fall back on this very human desire when shit hits the fan.

I am 35, a man will never forgive his wife if she cheated and he finds out, women forgive but men its difficult. I am still young and will find it hard to forgive my wife if she cheats on me at this age. Since then my life never be the same as I used to be. I had locked myself in the dark room, never want to go out , never want to meet anyone and asking myself why would she does that to me?

Anyone know of a good way to spy on an iPhone? There is a program called Dr.


Fone Toolkit for iOS. You will need the passcode to the phone. You back it up to your computer. Then you can look at the backup and see everything on it, including a lot of deleted items. Good luck. The problem is my wife is cheating with her female yoga instructor at her house 3 times a week after the children are in school. My wife has percent denied it and continues to see her lover. I have everything on the above list plus 20 things from other such lists. Not a jealous type in general.

I know I am right. How do I make her stop seeing her when she is gaslighting me that I am confused?

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Additionally, pay attention to a sudden interest in role playing or sex games. She may want less sex if a new lover is meeting her needs. Notice if you share less emotional intimacy. Your wife may stop sharing the details of her life with you, which is a sign that something is wrong. Notice if your wife suddenly wants more privacy.

This requires her to keep her phone, bag, computer, and bills away from you. Additionally, she may start hiding her credit card or phone bills, and she may even get a new, secret credit card. She could be calling or texting a new partner. Additionally, take note if she often leaves the room when taking a call. For instance, if she smiles really big or gets really excited, she may be texting a new partner.

If you share a phone plan, review your bill to see if anything looks off. For instance, she might be calling or texting the same person daily. Method 3. Notice if she starts exercising more. Watch for big changes in her appearance, as well as long hours spent in the gym.

She may just want to look and feel better for herself, or she could want to impress you. Pay attention if she upgrades her wardrobe. If you have concerns, talk to your wife about her desire for a new wardrobe. Is there a special reason? Observe if she gets a fresh haircut or starts wearing more makeup.

These are ways she might try to improve her appearance, which can sometimes be a way to impress a new lover. However, she may also change up her makeup and hairstyle for herself. Notice if she smells like cologne instead of her normal scent. For instance, she may have a coworker who wears too much cologne. If I find another man's clothes in my house, is that a sign that my wife is cheating on me? If the clothes don't belong to your or anyone that lives in your house, then how would they have gotten there?

Do you have children? Ask them if they know whose clothes they are. If it's only you and your wife living together, then chances are she knows who they belong to. Yes No. Not Helpful 8 Helpful The topic of cheating is difficult for everyone to address, but if you think your wife is cheating, you have to talk about it. Be direct. Don't candy coat anything, but don't be aggressive. Be prepared for whatever response she gives. Not Helpful 23 Helpful This could be a simple act of wanting to spend more time with you uninterrupted. Or she could be hiding something.

Try to pick up on other signs that could indicate something is going on. If there are none, you probably shouldn't worry. Not Helpful 6 Helpful If your wife suddenly isn't allowing you to see her phone, it should be addressed. Express your concerns with her and tell her how it makes you feel when she does it.

Ask why she feels the secrecy is necessary, and let her know it is creating suspicion and mistrust in your marriage. Not Helpful 15 Helpful Try kissing her yourself. Ask her if there is a reason why she doesn't want to kiss you, and if there is anything you could do. Some people aren't that comfortable with physical affection.

Others become less attracted to their spouse over the course of marriage. Not Helpful 14 Helpful My wife goes out almost every night and I don't tell the kids. Is she cheating? Ask your wife where she is going and what she is doing - not in an accusatory or controlling way, just say you're wondering what's been going on. Ask if she would be willing to switch it up sometimes so you could go out with your friends while she stays home - see how she reacts. To have a successful relationship, there needs to be trust and honesty, and you both need to be fair and considerate toward each other. Not Helpful 9 Helpful What if my wife accuses me of seeing someone else only to hide her guilt?

This is a red flag in every way. Even if she is not cheating, she clearly does not trust you and this will drive her to behavior she would not consider squaring with her own set of values. Put another way, if she suspects you are cheating, her focus is no longer on her moral conduct, but yours. This leaves her vulnerable to advances by other men, and vulnerable to acting on the natural interest we all have in members of the opposite sex that we would never dream of acting on.

Not Helpful 20 Helpful If it's unusual for her and there's no other apparent reason, maybe. But there could be other reasons, like hormonal reasons, tiredness, or not being that attracted to you anymore which doesn't necessarily entail cheating. You should try talking with her about it. Not Helpful 2 Helpful If you're ready for your discovery, whether its a good or bad outcome, then yes. But if you haven't decided what to do once you find out the truth, then you may need some more time, and may not want to know the truth yet. Once you do find out that your spouse is cheating, make sure you're healthy and financially secure enough to leave your spouse, or that you are able to try to fix and improve your relationship.

If, however, you find out that your spouse is not cheating, then you will need to question yourself as to why you suspected your spouse in the first place. Not Helpful 24 Helpful If a woman wants time to herself, does that mean she is having an affair? There comes a time, or many at that, when someone wants to have time to themselves. When work gets hectic, home life becomes busy, if you have children or even just live together, you can sometimes feel suffocated. Someone asking for time to themselves isn't a sure sign of having an affair.

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